What are the event hours?
Friday February 3, 2017: 5pm-1am
Saturday February 4, 2017: 5pm-1am

Is the event indoors or outdoors?
Most vendors are indoors but some activities (bonfire, yurt, guitarist, taffy on snow, warm cider and beer) are held outdoors.

At what time does the box office close on site?

Is it possible to buy tickets at the entrance?
Yes, tickets may be available at the entrance at the regular price of $25 (including taxes) if the event isn’t sold out.

Is it possible to buy tickets elsewhere than online?
Yes, tickets are also available at the different ticket outlets.

What is the deadline to buy tickets, FestiDollars, etc. at the presale price?
January 29, 2017

How much is a FestiDollar worth?
FestiDollars are worth $1/each.

Is my ticket valid for both days?
No, you need to purchase a ticket for the specific day you want to attend the event or a 2-day pass only available in limited quantities.

I cannot attend the event anymore. May I receive a reimbursement?
No, tickets are not refundable.

I purchased my ticket for the wrong date. Can I exchange it?
Yes, but only until January 13, 2017 by sending a request by email to info@festibieredegatineau.ca.

What is the advantage of purchasing my ticket in advance?
You save 30% off the regular ticket price and guarantee access to the event.

Is it possible to scan my presale ticket from my smartphone at the box office?

Can I receive my online purchases by mail?
No, products purchased online are collected at the box office located at the entrance of the event.

How do I receive my RFID wristband, glass, FestiDollars, etc. purchased in advance?
You have to go to the box office with your electronic or paper ticket located at the entrance of the event.

I pre-purchased FestiDollars, when will I receive them?
Pre-purchased FestiDollars will automatically be transferred to your wristband that will be given to you at the entrance of the event.

If I bought two tickets in the same transaction, do both people need to present themselves at the same time?
No. Each ticket bought will generate a single electronic ticket.

How many different kinds of beer will there be?
There will be over 100 different kinds of beers from Quebec, Ontario and beyond.

How many FestiDollars are required for a beer sample (4 oz.)?
On average, a beer sample requires between 2 and 4 FestiDollars.

How many FestiDollars are required for food?
On average, food requires between 3 and 9 FestiDollars.

Is it possible to get to the event for free with the STO even though I do not have my wristband?
Yes. Present a proof of purchase to the driver when getting on the bus and he will let you travel free of charge to the festival.

Is there parking?
The Canadian Museum of History has more than 200 spaces in its underground parking lot at a cost of $6. There is also parking on the neighbouring streets.

What is the format of the tasting glass?
In order to be environmentally responsible, this year you we receive a 10oz Ecocup reusable plastic glass. A limited amount of souvenir glasses will be available for purchase.

Can I bring my own glass?

Does the purchase of an admission ticket include a beer tasting?

What payment methods are accepted on site?
Your cashless RFID wristband will be the only payment method accepted. However, you may use cash, credit or debit to top-up your wristband at the top-up stations on site.

Will there be an ATM machine on site?
Yes, there will 3 ATMs inside.

Is the Museum accessible to people with reduced mobility?

Is the event open to all ages?
No. The event is for those 18 and over. Make sure to have ID with you.

Is there a smoking section?
Smoking is allowed outside at a distance of no less than 9m from the Museum.

Is there a coat check?
Yes, at the cost of $3.